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How is the City of Tempe run?

The City of Tempe has a  council-manager government structure. In this type of government structure, the city council (appointed by the council) is responsible for setting policies and making legislative decisions, while the city manager is responsible for implementing these policies and managing the day-to-day operations of the city.


Council-manager government is a common form of local government in the United States, and it is designed to provide a professional, nonpartisan approach to city management. The city manager is typically an experienced administrator with a background in public administration or a related field.

What Will Dr. Tapia do on the City Council?

City council members are elected officials who serve on the legislative body of a city government. As a council member, Dr. Tapia will be responsible for representing the interests of his constituents (you!) and making policy decisions that impact the city as a whole.

Some of his key responsibilities would include:

Setting city policies and priorities

Dr. Tapia will work with other members to identify and establish policies and priorities for the city, such as economic development, public safety, and transportation.

Developing and approving the city budget

Dr. Tapia will work with the city manager to develop and approve an annual budget that reflects the city's priorities and needs.

Enacting local laws and ordinances

Dr. Tapia would be responsible for enacting local laws and ordinances that govern the conduct of residents and businesses within the city.

Representing their constituents

Dr. Tapia will have been elected to represent your interests, and he will be responsive to the concerns and needs of the people he serves.

Working with city officials and staff

Dr. Tapia will work closely with the city manager, city staff, and other elected officials to ensure that city operations are running smoothly and effectively.

Attending meetings and public events

Dr. Tapia would attend regular council meetings and other public events in order to stay informed about city issues and engage with his constituents (you!).

Overall, the job of a city council member requires a strong commitment to public service, as well as a willingness to work collaboratively with other elected officials and city staff to make decisions that benefit the city and its residents. All of which Dr. Hugo Tapia will embrace as a council member.

How Do I Vote for Dr. Tapia?
  1.  Be a registered voter within the city of Tempe. 

  2. Once registered, you will receive your ballot in the mail on or around February 14, 2024

  3. Fill out the ballot, selecting Dr. Hugo Tapia for council member, and

  4. Send it in before March 12!

Not a registered voter? You can register online!
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